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BLOG 02.03.2020

What to look for when selecting an Application Migration Services Vendor
by Dustin McNabb, Research Director Research In Action.

Cloud Application Migration Services (AMS) focus on moving applications to a public or private Cloud environment — or some combination of both (commonly referred to as a hybrid Cloud). Migration can also include moving applications between Cloud environments as well.  When it comes to shopping for an AMS provider, there is a wide variety of services offered for Cloud migrations.
Typical services migrate or transform local on-premise legacy applications to a public, private or hybrid environment. This includes everything from relatively simple “lift and shift” migration operations to complex modernization-focused re-factoring and re-engineering projects that deliver Cloud native applications targeted at exploiting a broad range of Cloud capabilities.  
Enterprises evaluating vendors with AMS offerings should look for essential capabilities and experience to ensure success of an AMS project – examples of these include:  
• Automated tools to minimize manual effort when migrating applications to the Cloud
• Offerings that support multi-vendor infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) deployments and offer a broad range of IaaS solutions (examples include bare metal, virtual machines, and High Performance Computing (HPC))
• Tools for security including identity and access management (IAM)
• Cloud optimization practices and solutions
• Services that offer open solutions that are not vendor dependent
• Deep industry understanding
• Extensive migration experience including planning, app migration & management, governing and optimizing.
Research In Action will evaluate AMS solutions as part of our upcoming Vendor Selection Matrix for Cloud Application Migration Solutions report – coming soon!  

Stay tuned!

Dustin McNabb