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BLOG 29.01.2020

State of Cloud Services in 2020
by Dustin McNabb, Research Director Research In Action.

As the newest member of the Research in Action team, I’m excited to bring additional focus to the rapidly growing Cloud services market. The worldwide public Cloud market continues to grow at a very healthy rate. Predictions have the market growing from $ 220 billion in 2019 to somewhere between $ 350 billion and $ 400 billion by 2022. That said, over 60{9388bcb60c6488a42b9434699bbf55e32510a7f2522b97b882e05d0ad226590f} of enterprise production workloads are yet to be migrated to the Cloud – a daunting task to be sure. Indeed, most legacy applications (up to 70{9388bcb60c6488a42b9434699bbf55e32510a7f2522b97b882e05d0ad226590f}) continue to run on dedicated in-house or hosted virtualized or private Cloud environments. So what are enterprises focusing on when it comes to the public Cloud? Backup, disaster recovery, dev/test, and application rehosting (aka “lift and shift”) are the most common uses for the public Cloud today. This will change significantly over the next three years as companies continue to build experience in the Cloud and gain confidence in its performance capabilities and the numerous options for making it a more secure environment – bare metal server offerings are one example here.

Going forward, enterprises will focus on modernizing their core business applications and processes and will look to the Cloud and associated application migration vendors to provide the essential migration services needed to help accomplish this. In the coming weeks, Research in Action will publish a Vendor Selection Matrix™ research report focusing on this important Cloud Application Migration Services (AMS) market and will highlight the top 20 most highly rated vendors – as measured by the companies that use the services and solutions provided by AMS vendors.  

Stay tuned!

Dustin McNabb

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