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BLOG 05.02.2020

Evergage joins the MLM Vendor landscape and gets acquired by Salesforce
by Peter O’Neill, Research Director Research In Action.

Marketing Lead Management (MLM) automation continues to be a priority investment – in our new global
survey of 1,500 business decision makers, 72{9388bcb60c6488a42b9434699bbf55e32510a7f2522b97b882e05d0ad226590f} said they’ll invest in new MLM software – over half for their
first time.

My new MLM Research In Action Vendor Selection Matrix™ report, with the 2020 MLM vendor landscape as 
selected by those 1,500 respondents, will come out later this month. But, due to this week’s news, I’ll point 
out NOW, that it is an interesting mix of Email Service Providers, Marketing Automation vendors and even 

some specialist vendors, such as the vendor Evergage.

Variously described as a Personalization Engine, Customer Data Platform, and other categories that
analysts like to invent, Evergage is an exciting newbie on the MLM block. Regardless of category (and
marketing professionals do not buy in categories), Evergage earned its place in this survey because it has
been found and deployed by marketing professionals who searched for more functionality to optimize
their ongoing engagements with buyers and customers.

My interviews showed that many firms are deploying it together with their established MLM platform to
improve the customer engagement process. In the context of MLM, it is mostly bought by experienced
users of Marketo, Eloqua and Salesforce Pardot seeking a 1-to-1 customer engagement: personalized
email campaigns, website or mobile app renditions, and other lead generation activities. Earlier this week, 
Salesforce acquired Evergage. It is unlikely that Salesforce wants Evergage as its CDP, though it may 
well leverage some of its IP and people, as that product roadmap is already well underway. No, I think 

Salesforce bought the vendor to enhance its own MLM offering for all the reasons described above.

For those of you needing some background, here is the already-completed Evergage vendor scorecard for
my upcoming VSM report. This is what I write up for each vendor in the report and it is sent to all survey
respondents and to our research clients.

Always keeping you informed! 
Peter O’Neill